Get to know me Q&A with Lots of Lirve

A few weeks ago (time flies when you realise how many blog posts you have to write) me and Marie from Lots of Lirve decided to collab on a blog post together. We came up with ten questions for each other so people reading our blogs could get to know us a bit better!

Lots of Lirve’s links: Lots of Lirves | Q&ATwitter | Instagram

So, here are the question’s Marie had for me:

Why did you decide to start a book blog?

I, pretty much, read daily but realised that once I was finished I wasn’t talking to anyone about those books so I decided that it was time I made a book blog so I could share my opinions with other bookish people and find out what they thought as well!

How did you get into reading?

I’ve been reading for so long that I can’t even remember but I’m sure it was my mum reading to me the same fairy books again and again (sorry mum!) that made me realise how much I loved these fantasy worlds that people create.

If you could choose one book that would be compulsory for everyone in the world to read, what would you choose and why?

This is a tough question. I think I’m going to go with something cliche and say Harry Potter. It has hundreds of thousands of readers that connect every day and I think it’s a brilliant way for people to meet and talk abouts books. Admittedly, I only started the series not that long ago but I wish I had started younger so I could’ve grown with the community.

Do you ever set a book target for the year and if so, how is 2017 going?

I set a goal of 55 books for this year since I did 30 last year and completed it with at least half a year to spare. I’m a few books behind at the moment, mostly because I don’t count eBooks in my book target!

How do you get through a reading slump if/when you have one?

Most of the time I’m either reading or writing, if I’m in a slump with one then I do the other until I feel the urge to start reading/writing again. If none of my TBR books catch my interest then I go to the library and find something new that I haven’t seen before!

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?

I’ve always considered myself an introvert but I think there’s a small part of me that is an extrovert when it comes to people I’m close to.

If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?

This question has obvious answers that I would of course choose so I decided to answer as if world peace and such has been reached.
Unlimited money (for books, of course), for me and my mum to live comfortably wherever we decide to move to and… I might keep the third wish in reserve, in case I ever need it.

What’s your favourite song and artist of all time?

I don’t really have a favourite song but my go-to artists are You Me At Six, BTS, Big Bang and dodie *heart eyes*

Is there anything you’d like to achieve by the end of the year?

I would love to finish the book I’ve been trying (trying) to write since the start of the year and to meet more lovely book-bloggers (Holly Bourne’s event seems like it’s going to be the place to do this in September!)

Where would you most like to travel to in the world?

This one is difficult to answer because I have two places on the top of my list – Japan and Korea. I’ve adored Japan since I was a kid and recently I’ve been learning more about Korean culture (and Kpop and Kdramas) so I would be over the moon if I could visit (and possibly see all the Kpop artists I love, which is a very big demand).


Feel free to answer these questions in the comments or even make your own blog posts, I’d love to get to know everyone!

Also go follow Marie because she’s fab and loves Holly Bourne (maybe more than me!)


a. jade xo


5 thoughts on “Get to know me Q&A with Lots of Lirve

  1. Very nice answers here! I like unlimited book spending money too 😛 If only I had unlimited book space, too! 😛

    It’s nice to see another Japan/Korea fan (although we’ve already discussed our love of manga, haha)- I’m so grateful that Netflix has been adding more and more Kdramas to their list, including some of my old faves! I also fulfilled my dream of like 13 years and visited Japan this year, I’m sure you’d love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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